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May 25, 2012 / rafinmd

Day 8, Thursday, May 24, At sea

When I went out just after 5 today we were roughly 80 miles South of New York, running along at a leisurely 14 knots. I finished my 5 miles on deck 10 about 7:15, with the foghorn going off intermittently throughout the walk. While it was not actually raining, the mist was heavy enough so my vest got quite wet. For a few brief minutes mid-walk the sun was strong enough to be seen through the fog, but that didn’t last long.

It was a busy sea day, especially the afternoon. I spent much of the morning packing, but the great cake decorating challenge came up at 10. Keith claims the Hotel Director had never been defeated, but that sounds like hype to me. Captain Anders did a surprising job of slicing the layers and was a fan favorite with his liberal use of the sherry. He was officially declared the winner, although I think the pastry chef really had the best cake. I found out afterwards that the Captain’s cake actually looked better from deck 8 than it did close up. I have enjoyed sailing with Captain Anders although I must admit I prefer Captain Gus. At his noon update Captain Anders reported we were then off Fenwick Island Delaware and will reach the mouth of the Chesapeake bay around 10PM. The announcement was followed by a crew presentation of flags in Centrum representing the crew’s 60+ countries.

The afternoon started off with a presentation by Timothy Calvert on Baltimore with a highlight on it’s many museums, particularly the Baltimore Visionary Arts Center and Museum of Industry, both close to the port. At 2 the production cast held a Q&A session discussing their jobs, the audition process and shipboard life. The Captain’s Corner came at 3 with Captain Anders, the Chief Engineer, and Hotel Director talking about all things related to the sea. There were a surprising number of questions relating to the sea. The enhancements to both Enchantment and Grandeur as well as the redeployment of the 2 ships were also major topics.

The farewell dinner came with an introduction of the galley team and sad goodbyes. The farewell show included a video of the weeks activities, comedy by Joseph Yannetty, and a closing number by the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers who also performed a 10:15 cabaret in Centrum.

Today’s parting shot comes from the Captain’s Corner. I asked 2 questions there. The first was about Newport. Tendering there is difficult while there is a virtually abandoned Navy Base there. Captain Anders thought there were signs of possibility for eventual docking of cruise ships there. My other question was about the Promenade Deck 5. He replied that it was officially open “most of the time”, a change that was made a few weeks ago after being closed off for many years. I consider that a very positive change.



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