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May 23, 2012 / rafinmd

Day 6, Tuesday, May 22, Boston, MA, Smart Casual

I was up at 5AM but the repeated blasts of the fog horn had prepared not to see much after sunrise. We seem to have been 30-60 minutes past our arrival presumably due th the overnight fog. We tied up about 8:15 and were cleared to go ashore about 8:45. US citizens had no re-entry formalities but others had to meet with Immigration officials in the Spotlight lounge.

Boston has a rich history but I tend to think of it in educational terms. My brother and his son (my nephew) both were graduates of Harvard University, and I spent several weeks at an Actuarial course at Northeastern University. I had booked a tour to Lexington and Concord but learned about a month before the cruise that my brother (from Iowa) would be in town for his 50-year Harvard reunion. I boarded MTA’s Silver and Red lines to Harvard Square and did some shopping at the campus store, arriving about 10:50 for our planned meeting at Widener Library. While waiting I happened to notice an ironic connection. The library was dedicated to a graduate who perished on the Titanic, a gift to the University from his widow. The library overlooks what is known (or at least was 50 years ago) as Tercentenary Theater, a massive lawn that is filled with chairs for the graduation ceremony. Hopefully there is also some good news for us in this. The legend is that it never rains on the graduation, which will be Thursday, our last sea day.

We spent some time at the Museum of Natural History, a goal of Roger’s significant other, mostly looking at a collection of very delicate and ornate glass flowers. These flowers (I believe 8000 pieces) were ordered from a German father and son team as tools for teaching botany and are incredibly detailed.

A buffet lunch was served in a tent on the Harvard campus. There was no lunch program per se, but the marching band did come by and perform for about 20 minutes. Sometime during the lunch the morning’s drizzle became more of a steady rain. I left Adrienne and Roger about 2. I had planned to stop by the Northeastern Campus on the way home but between the limited time until our 3:30 all aboard and the rain went straight back to the ship, arriving about 3.

I was a bit surprised that the Walk for Wishes was scheduled for a port day, starting at 3:45. About that time Captain Andres reported that all were on board and we would be leaving soon. As we walked the ship backed slowly away from the terminal. With the rain, the walk was held on the Promenade deck, 4 laps cutting through the Orpheum Theater lobby. There were only 14 walkers; I hope a number of other people who didn’t walk made donations.

The evening entertainment was a comedy and magic show by Timm Metivier. There was also the Quest at 10:30 and a late night comedy presentation by Joseph Yannety at 11:30, both after my bed time.

Today’s parting shot actually starts with last night’s show. The first of the programs featured in “Stage to Screen” was West Side Story and on this trip it brought back special memories. The movie is just past it’s 50th anniversary. How do I know that? I saw the movie in Boston the week I was here 50 year’s ago for Roger’s graduation. It’s amazing how sometimes history, trivia, nostalgia, and coincidence all come together.



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