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May 21, 2012 / rafinmd

Day 4, Sunday, May 20, Bermuda

I slept in this morning until about 6:30, and left the ship about 9. The 9:30 ferry into Hamilton was crowded, but I got one of the last seats and there were few people standing. I continued exploring the town on foot for about 45 minutes. I don’t know if it ever works with RCI schedules but Victoria Park has a Summer Sunday celebration periodically (always 1st Sunday of the month) that looks interesting. My morning in Hamilton concluded with the 11am service at Wesley Methodist Church.

The 12:15 bus took me to Somerset Bridge. This is billed as the world’s smallest draw bridge. The bridge spans a small cut between islands and has a tiny 32-inch opening. Sailboats must pass under the bridge but the opening is just wide enough to let the mast pass through.

Bermuda had a railroad which served passengers and freight from 1931-48. Once cars were allowed on the island, the railroad was abandoned and most of the right of way is now a trail. I walked the final 2 miles of the trail from Somerset Bridge to Somerset village before completing the trip to Kings Wharf on another bus.

After a bit of browsing in the shops my final stop in Bermuda was National Museum, originally the Maritime Museum. I did not find it much of a maritime museum but it was an interesting collection of things. There were exhibits in the Commissioners House, primarily relating to the slave trade and a great view of the harbor from the port. There was a Dolphin Quest section where people could get in the water with dolphins or simply watch, and an opportunity to walk the fortress walls all the way over to the former barracks/prison, now undergoing restoration, and eventually possibly part of the museum. I returned to the ship about 3:30.

All aboard was 4:30 with sailaway at 5. Several careless passengers sauntered up to the gangway about 4:50. We left the dock just a little after 5 for a smooth sailaway, with St. George passing by our dining room window about 6:30.

The evening show was the action comedy of Rick Novell. Novell was mostly a juggler, working from a freestanding ladder and unicycle and using a lot of humor and audience participation. I saw Novell perform on the Enchantment last May and the show was mostly the same, but enjoyable the second time around. We gain an hour tonight as we return to Eastern time for our arrival in Boston.

Today’s parting shot comes from tonight’s dinner conversation. Several of the tour personnel talked of living in Bermuda and loving it, but many having a feeling that they have to leave the island occasionally or else they start to feel a bit trapped. Apparently, we can even have too much paradise.



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