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May 20, 2012 / rafinmd

Day 3, Saturday, May 19, Bermuda

The day began much like Friday with raging winds, rain, and choppy sea. Around 9 Captain Andres came on the PA and gave us the bad news that the weather had further delayed our arival in Bermuda.

At 9:30 Timothy Calvert gave part 2 of his talk ofn Bermuda focusing on the West Side of the island. A few other activities were also scheduled like an extra session of Bingo due to our extended time at sea.

Around 11 things had calmed down to the extent that deck 5 had been reopened. The starboard gate at the bow was open and I got to walk around the bow of the ship only to find it had apparently been a mistake and the port gate was closed. I did walk all around deck 5 from the barrier around the bow and then the stern, back to the gate on the port side. The walking time was just under 7 minutes; I estimate a lap around the ship would be about 1/3 mile.

We got our first views of Bermuda about 12:30 and started to tie up about 2. We were cleared about 2:30 and it was about 3 when I got to the end of the pier and on a bus to Hamilton. A number of tours were cancelled either due to our delayed arrival or the weather but mine was not scheduled until 8PM. Hamilton is only about 3 miles from Kings Wharf but the island is sort of an open oval and it’s a long way by land. The bus ride was rather exiting as our driver made the 1-hour trip in about 45 minutes. I had about an hour to explore the town and do some work on the library’s internet before catching the 5PM ferry back to Kings Wharf. The vessel was standing room only and we left about 10 minutes late waiting for stragglers but the trip was only 20 minutes. When I got back to my room there was a note on the door that my “Nightlife Glass Bottom Boat” tour had been cancelled, I assume due to the strong winds.

I had expected to rush through dinner to make the tour but service was quick anyway and I finished about 7:15. There were 2 different evening shows. At 7:45 several of the Royal Caribbean singers did a cabaret show of their favorite songs. Comedian Kivi Rogers did the second show at 10:30, but I was too tired to stay up.

I did not see the Preakness but heard the results on the Sunday morning show. My paring shot today: Congratulations to potential Triple Crown winner “I’ll have another”



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