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May 18, 2012 / rafinmd

Day 2, Friday, May 18, At sea, Formal

On sea days I like to walk 5 miles before breakfast. I rose at 5, and while walking up the stairs there was a vivid sound of rushing wind. I took one lap on the jogging track and found the wind very brutal, to the point that I had to be careful setting my foot down with the wind pushing very hard to move the foot out from under me. I went briefly out to the Promenade deck and there was heavy spray coming up. By 7 both deck 5 and deck 10 were roped off, although parts of deck 5 reopened later in the morning.

At noon I got a little taste of Captain Anders dry wit. He reported that each day he would tell us
our location “so we would know he is not lost”. This turned out to be the right thing to say since we are clearly off course for Bermuda. We are heading due East, North of our expected course at the request of the US Navy (they are doing exercises using live ammunition). He quipped that he doesn’t argue with the US Navy, especially when they are using live ammunition, and I won’t argue with him. We are about half way there but the course adjustment will delay our arrival in Bermuda by at least an hour, possibly more due to the weather. It is cloudy with occasional rain, 8-15 foot seas. Winds are 20 knots but we are headed into the wind making the effective speed 40 knots. Deck 10 is still closed.

The Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle took place at 12:30 in the Spotlight Lounge at 12:30. About 110 cruisers showed up along with Cruise Director Keith, Activities Manager Tom, and Group Coordinator Jeannete. Along with refreshments there was a drawing with about 5 prizes; I was given a Walk for Wishes shirt, tote bag, and hat.

There were 2 presentations on Bermuda. The first at 10 had some general information but mostly focused on shore excursions. At 1:30 Timothy Calvert spoke on the history and attractions of Bermuda, the most useful port information I’ve ever encountered on an RCI ship, and far exceeding anything available on my Celebrity transatlantic.

Problematic weather continued through the day, showing signs of improving but then getting worse again. At one point around 4pm, the sun came out and the wind subsided some (at the reception the Captain reported occasional gusts up to 60 knots), but not enough to reopen deck 10. This first formal night also included the Captain’s Welcome Aboard party. We have about 2,300 passengers onboard from 21 countries. Just over half have sailed with RCI before.

Dinner was wonderful with the same 4 people at the table. This afternoon I booked what will probably be my final voyage on Enchantment, a 9-day on January 26. At this early date early seating is not available so it looks like I will have to try My Time Dining.

This evening’s entertainment was the production show “Don’t Stop the Rock”, a tribute to great music. I enjoyed it last year but skipped it tonight based on having previously seen it, the seating being completely gone, and the hour we will lose tonight as we move to Bermuda Time.

Today’s parting shot relates to another person who started a “Live” thread on Cruise Critic. Member bradpole left a few days ago for 2 weeks in Alaska, traveling this time with his mother. The day I left home there was a sudden medical problem and they had to leave the ship. Brad, best wishes, godspeed, and I hope to hear soon that all is well.



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